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Spring: April 1
Academic Year: November 15
Fall: November 15
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Short-Term Faculty-Led

Please note that placement into "open" short-term programs is done through random lottery- it is NOT first come-first served!

Students have the ability to choose from several short term programs at Queens.

Short-term faculty-led programs are designed with a specific academic focus. Students will receive academic credit that could potentially be applied towards their major, minor, or other degree requirements. Students will need to talk to their advisor about their chosen program to verify that the course will satisfy their desired requirement. 

During these programs, students travel in a group of students and faculty, generally for 10-21 days (depending on the program) after taking a prep course the semester prior. All programs are worth 4 total credits, but could be split in a variety of ways - either 3 credits for the on-campus portion and 1 for the in-country portion, 2 for campus and 2 for in-country, or even 1 and 3, respectively. Both the on-campus portion and the in-country portion are taken for a letter grade. Students must earn a C- or better in the prep course in order to travel.


The Class of '58 Scholarship was established to honor The Class of 1958's 50th Reunion and in support of John Belk's generosity to Queens' International Program. The scholarship is intended to support the international experience of students who demonstrate academic merit and interest in international issues. Typically, two $500 scholarships are awarded annually to students participating in faculty-led programs and Summer Business Programs. 

2022-2023 JBIP Faculty-Led Courses (for eligible juniors & seniors)

Madness & Morality: The fine line between psycopathology and evil
Karen Neal and Melinda Harper
PSY / SOC 398
Fall 2022 course with Winter Break travel
Supplement: $750

Nachhaltigkeit: Sustainability and Ethics in German Organizations
Beth Schneider and Bob Page
BUS / COM 398
Spring 2023 course with Spring Break travel
Supplement: $750

Lessons from the Happiest People: A Blue Zones Project
Leah Morgan and Jean Marie Redder
NUR / HLT 398
Spring 2023 course with late May travel
No supplement

It’s Hot in Here: The biological and cultural impacts of biodiversity hotspots
Patricia Koplas and Jeff Thomas
BIO 398
Spring 2023 course with May Travel
No supplement

Berlin & Amsterdam: Art, Music Theatre, and Film between the World Wars
Justin Smith and Ivan Depena
ARS / MUS 398
Spring 2023 course with June travel
Supplement: $1000

The Birthplace of Rhetoric: Greece and the Art of Persuasion
Shawn Bowers and Heidi Giffin
ENG 398
Spring 2023 course with May travel
Supplement: $1000

Italian Culture: Critical Studies on Health, Food, and Fitness
Vicki Talbot and Amy Knab
HLT / NUR / KIN 398
Spring 2023 course with May travel
Supplement: $1250

The Arts and Culture of Florence: Birthplace of the Renaissance
Siu Challons-Lipton and Melissa Gamez
GDN / ARH 398
Spring 2023 course with May travel
Supplement: $750

History, Arts, and Religions of Japan
Eric Mullis and Sarah Griffith
HIS / REL / PHIL 398
Spring 2023 course with May travel
Supplement: $1000

Cause and Effect in Urban Design
Denny Gerwin
QLC 350
Spring 2023 course with May travel
Supplement: $500

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