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Language Immersion

What more enriching way to perfect a language than through immersing yourself in a country for four weeks? Venture to a country where you’ll take classes with fellow international students also eager to speak the language fluently. You’ll push yourself daily as you converse with the family you are living with and explore the streets of your city, interacting with its citizens. You’ll gain insight into the culture, which will influence how you speak and understand the language.

Queens has partnered with Lingua Service Worldwide for students interested in language immersion programs. Lingua Service Worldwide, Ltd., an independent language study abroad agency, represents private foreign language schools all over the world that specialize in offering “full immersion” language program opportunities. There are literally thousands of foreign language schools offering full-immersion programs. Lingua Service has selected the ones they consider the best in each country and are proud to represent them. 

Access the Lingua Service Website here


  • Most Queens students who participate in a language immersion program do so for 4 weeks. Students may elect to stay longer than the 4 weeks and pay for the additional weeks of courses.
  • Students must have taken a minimum of Intermediate Level I to participate and receive language credits.
  • Students receive 6 credits per 4 weeks of instruction. Students have the option to earn 4 additional credits by being pre-approved by the World Languages department chair to enroll in Intercultural Exploration.
  • Students enroll in 21 hours per week of language courses.
  • Students will live with a host family, will have their own bedroom, and will receive 2 meals a day.
  • Some locations require more substantial supplements than others. Students will be expected to pay these supplements by the set date in order to participate in the program.
  • Courses begin every Monday, allowing the student to choose the dates that work best for them. Students will be asked to complete a flight request form by the given deadline.
  • Students may elect to fly back at a later date to spend time traveling in the country. They will pay for any difference in the flight fee if they choose to fly out of another airport or at a later date. Services (including language school and host family) will not be available past the ending date of the program.
Supplemental Costs

Students who choose to participate in a language immersion program in French or Spanish have dozens of locations to select from. Listed below are the most popular destinations for Queens students and associated supplemental costs not included with the JBIP fund. If you are interested in selecting a language school in a different city or country destination other those listed below, please inquire about available dates and supplements in the PCIE office.

  • Bordeaux - $1800
  • Montpellier - $900
  • Montreal - $700
  • Nice - $1700
  • Alicante - $1000
  • Cadiz - $900
  • Madrid - $900
  • Nerja - $1000
  • Salamanca - $1050
  • San Sebastian - $1000
  • Seville - $900
  • Valencia - $1200
  • Buenos Aires - $900
Costa Rica:
  • Manuel Antonio - $100
  • San Jose - $100


The Jo Dewitt International Adventurer scholarship allows for two $500 scholarships to be awarded annually to students participating in Language Immersion or semester- or yearlong study abroad programs. This fund rewards those who are actively creating a unique international experience for themselves by extending their travels, undertaking service projects or by getting more closely in touch with the local culture.

Queens University of Charlotte Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education