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Virtual International Experiences

Virtual International Experiences

Queens students can enhance their intercultural skills and global perspectives from anywhere. We are pleased to announce our latest program option- Virtual International Experiences.

About Virtual International Experiences

Virtual International Experiences allow students to engage with people, cultures and coursework from around the globe from wherever they are. All that's needed is an internet connection and an open mind. These experiences provide opportunities for students to expand their worldviews and develop highly-sought after cross-cultural skills, no passport or travel required.

The Virtual International Experiences listed here are offered by third-party organizations and outside institutions, not directly by Queens.

Academic Credit

If the program offers academic credit, students should explore transfer credit options with their academic advisor and the Registrar's office prior to participation.

Students wishing to participate in a virtual international internship will need to work through the Vandiver Center for Career Development for academic credit. Internships to be completed for credit must meet all of the Vandiver Center's requirements and deadlines.


ANY Queens student is eligible to participate if they meet the eligibility requirements of the host organization/institution.

Costs and Using JBIP Funds for Virtual International Experiences

All costs associated Virtual International Experience programs are the student's responsibly. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making JBIP funds accessible to eligible students who will not be able to use their JBIP funds for a program that travels prior to graduation.

If a student is eligible to access their JBIP funds (see Eligibility) but will not be able to use them for a program that travels prior to graduation, the student may apply to use their JBIP funds towards one (1) approved Virtual International Experience.

The cost of one approved experience up to $1,500 will be reimbursed provided the following requirements are met:
  • Student is eligible for JBIP funding (per standard Eligibility requirements)
  • Student has not already used JBIP funding for a prior program
  • Student applies to Queens, requesting use of JBIP funds for their VIE and receives approval prior to participating
  • Program is completed prior to graduation
  • Student documents and reflects on their VIE in Portfolium prior to graduation

Timeline if not using JBIP funds

Students can apply any time and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Timeline when using JBIP funds

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis but note that the program must be approved prior to participation, and participation as well as documentation and reflection in Portfolium must be completed prior to Graduation.
Virtual Experience timeline with JBIP funds

How to Apply

Applying is a 2-step process:
  1. Apply to Queens by completing the application linked at the bottom of the Virtual International Experiences Program Page.
  2. Apply to the program provider or sponsor per their process and deadlines as listed on their website.

Capturing your experience: How to use Portfolium

ePortoflios are a great way to capture and reflect on your experiences at Queens. Check out this tutorial for more on how to use Portfolium. Virtual International Experiences as well as JBIP programs can help you earn your Globally Minded badge (part of the Yes/And Pathway) and JBIP badge.
Globally Minded badge
JBIP badge icon

Virtual International Experience Options

There are many options for virtual international experience. GoAbroad.com has a search page dedicated to them to help students find the best program for them. Check it out here.

A non-exhaustive list of some options is included below. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by Queens. Students should research opportunities thoroughly before applying.

Virtual International Internships
Virtual Courses from Abroad

Download the Virtual International Experience Flier

Virtual International Experience flier
Queens University of Charlotte Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education